Truckstop warns drivers of risk of suffering a stroke

Truck drivers stopping at the Chippenham Pit Stop are being warned of the risk of suffering a stroke, and given tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle to reduce that risk.

A poster and leaflet campaign is ongoing throughout May at the Chippenham Pit Stop just off Junction 17 of the M5 in Wiltshire, to coincide with National Stroke Awareness Month.

Health Campaigns Coordinator and former nurse Lisa Hatherell said pending long hours behind a wheel was not really conducive to a healthy lifestyle, but the Pit Stop team were doing their bit to try and help.

“The risk of a stroke approximately doubles for each decade of life from aged 55 and the UK’s truckers are already an ageing generation because with all its disadvantages most young people are not interested in being truckers anymore,” she said.

“Our leaflets provide tips on how to recognise when someone may be having a stroke and how to avoid becoming a stroke victim by living a more healthy lifestyle.”

This campaign is part of the Pit Stop’s ongoing drive to provide more than 100 customers a day with the opportunities to make new lifestyle choices by providing an outside gym and offering healthy eating options, she added.

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