Racing timetable for Convoy in the Park announced

There will be 10 thrilling truck races at Convoy in the Park at Donington Park on 21-22 July, along with another 12 exciting support races, it has been announced.

The fifth round of the British Truck Racing Championship will see the trucks in Division 1 and Division 2 both take to the track for five races across the weekend.

In addition, visitors to Convoy in the Park will also be able to watch action from the Legends Championship, Britcar British Endurance Championship, Pickup Truck Championship and 2CV Championship.


Time                Session              Category
09:00-09:20 Practice             British Endurance Championship
09:30-09:45  Qualifying        Trucks Division 2
09:55-10:10   Qualifying        Legends
10:20-10:50  Qualifying         British Endurance Championship
11:00-11:15    Qualifying         Trucks Division 1
11:25-11:40    Race 1                Legends
11:55-12:10    Race 2               Trucks Division 2
12:25-13:15    Race 3               British Endurance Championship
13:15-14:05    LUNCH – Truck Grid Walk
14:05-14:20   Race 4               Trucks Division 1
14:35-14:50   Race 5               Legends
15:05-15:20   Race 6               Trucks Division 2
15:35-17:35    Race 7               British Endurance Championship
17:50-18:05   Race 8               Legends
18:20-18:40  Qualifying         Pickup Truck Championship


Time               Session              Category
09:00-09:15 Qualifying         2CV Championship
09:25-09:40 Qualifying        Legends
09:55-10:10  Race 9               Truck Division 1
10:25-10:40  Qualifying        2CV Championship
10:55-11:10   Race 10             Truck Division 2
11:25-11:40   Race 11              Legends
11:55-12:20  Race 12              Pickup
12:20-13:10  LUNCH – Truck Grid Walk
13:10-13:25  Race 13             Truck Division 1
13:40-14:00 Race 14             2CV Championship
14:15-14:30  Race 15              Truck Division 2
14:45-15:00 Race 16              Legends
15:15-15:30  Race 17              Truck Division 1
15:45-16:10 Race 18              Pickup
16:25-16:45 Race 19              2CV Championship
17:00-17:15 Race 20              Truck Division 2
17:30-17:45 Race 21              Legends
18:00-18:15 Race 22             Truck Division 1

Please note timetable is subject to change.

For more information on Convoy in the Park, including the multitude of off-track activities and events that will be running on both days – and to book tickets – go to:

You can also still book your truck into the truck show at Convoy in the Park – go to for more information.

Picture: Jonathan Reeves

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