Biglorryblog and truck launches, this one was a record breaker

Over the years we have attended a lot of different vehicle launches.says Biglorryblgs mate, the editor of Commercial Motor.  While most consist of a bit of dry ice and some dramatic music, others put a bit more thought into theirs. Some of the more memorable include parachuting a new truck out of the sky (Volvo), Nazi storm troopers and sheep at a casino (Vauxhall), Thai massages (anonymous), a circus (Isuzu) and a homoerotic acrobatic display of silver-painted naked men (what were you thinking MAN?).

But as far as a sheer spectacle is concerned, I don’t think anything will ever come close to the Freightliner Inspiration launch I attended in Nevada this week. Not only did they take over the 80-year old Hoover Dam for the launch of this autonomous truck, but they decided to project a promotional film and Daimler truck boss Dr Wolfgang Bernhard’s speech onto the 42,000ft sq wall of the dam! Some 60 projectors at 26,000 watts each, covered an area the size of nine football pitches, from half a mile away. This projection at 1.17 million lumens earned Freightliner a Guinness World Record for the highest light output projection ever! That’s going to take some beating.

You can read all about the truck in Commercial Motor 21 May.