Classic trucks—the legendary “Scania Longline”…Mick Moody has an absolute cracker and he’s sent it to Biglorryblog!


Mick Moody of Moody International Refrigeration fame knows how to grab Biglorryblog’s attention….with pictures of one of BLB’s favourite truck—the one and only BIG cab Scania. He says: “Hi Brian, here’s some pics of our Longline….might be some interest on the blog?!” Are you kidding Mick!


And check out the lights on the R Series — 14 spots…count ’em!


Like the man says..”Thers is only one…” Nice double-headed Griffin atop the V8 badge–it’s a 580 by the way…..


Love the colour scheme Mick…silver and blue…very upmarket.


And just in case you didn’t believe it was a Longline (with that extra 1.3m deeper cab) then this should persuade you otherwise!


And this is the interior…now click through here for some more and a nice little take on life too….


And thanks Mick for a great set of photos…


No a bad philosophy at that…but then if someone deals you a Longline you’d have a winning hand! Meanwhile do visit Mick’s site there’s a terrific used truck for sale gallery there too. STOP PRESS I subsequently asked Mick if he was running trhwe Longline or if it was for sell through his used truck operation. he replied: “Same old story Brian—if somebody has enough maoney they can own it, if they dont we will run it!