First deliveries of the new DAF truck range are due to begin in October. Want to know who’s getting one? Read on to find out…

After launching their all new XF, XG and XG+ truck range earlier this month, DAF are delighted with the response from operators who have placed an impressive number of orders for the new truck, much to the dismay of many Facebook commenters who are currently being treated for PTSD after observing that the trucks pictured on the launch were not equipped with sun visors and have mirror cameras as an option.

Here’s the DAF press release which details the lucky hauliers who will be the first in the country to take delivery of the completely new trucks later in the year…….

In just two weeks after its pan-European launch, DAF Trucks has seen a UK network-wide surge of initial orders for its New Generation DAF range.

The market-leader’s ‘Start the Future’ launch on 9th June was widely praised by the media and the wider transport community, with operators racing to become the first New Generation DAF customers. Production will commence in Eindhoven and Leyland from this October with a limited number of build slots reserved this year to satisfy UK customer orders.

High-profile Scottish haulier, Derek Heeps, is the first out-of-the-blocks north of the border with his order for a top-of-the-range XG+ 530 FT 4×2 tractor, courtesy of MOTUS Commercials in Glasgow. Heeps says the vehicle will be followed soon by a further order for four XG 530 FTG 6×2 tractors to join the Bo’ness fleet.

DAF Dealer, Watts Truck & Van in Swansea has taken orders for two New Generation DAF XF 480 FTG 6×2 tractors for local customer John Pearce Glynneath Ltd. The South Wales operator is exploiting the New Generation DAF’s improved vision and safety credentials, selecting DAF Digital Vision System to replace conventional exterior mirrors, City Turn Assist, plus a kerb-view window in the co-driver’s door.

Elsewhere, DAF Dealer Channel Commercials has also taken an order for two range-topping XG+ 530 FTG 6×2 tractors from Myers Group, while two XF 530 FTG 6x2s are destined for Alco Specialised Transport.

In the south of the UK, HTC DAF will be supplying four XG+ 530 FTGs for ULS Heathrow, and MOTUS Commercials in Bristol has taken an order for the same model with Broughton Transport.

In the north, Lancashire DAF has seen three individual orders for XG+ 530 FTS tractors for Wayne Catt Transport, Leckwith Group and JPL Haulage. And Mark Armstrong of ABH Mansfield has placed an order with MOTUS Commercials in Derby for New Generation DAF XG+530 FTP to join his fleet.

“It’s been a hugely encouraging response,” said DAF Trucks Marketing Manager, Phil Moon, “we have a daily sales tracker and orders are coming in at an impressive rate. We delivered a fantastic launch event, and the follow-up sales effort is now in full-swing – operators are obviously very keen to get their hands on the New Generation DAF.”