Truck & Driver podcast – big new episodes on the way!

The Truck & Driver podcast sponsored by TomTom Go has been busy dropping weekly episodes all through 2024, and there’s lots more to come!

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and you’ll receive a discount code for the first month free. We gave it a run out for the first time the other day and it did three things we wanted it to: Offered a choice of routes, reacted quickly to changing traffic conditions and was able to navigate to business address names in the same way Google Maps does. EG: You know what it’s like getting a street name or a postcode for a job, and the street can be two miles long or the post code takes you nowhere near where you need to be. Not a problem here as you can type in “Cyberdyne Defence Systems” or whatever and it’ll bring up where the business actually is. It also seemed to pick up plenty of POIs on route such as petrol stations and it didn’t attempt to route us a shortcut through a supermarket car park that some sat navs are reportedly notorious for. Don’t depend on car nav, get yourself the TomTom Go app now!

One of the road train outits Paul drives in Australia, with his adventures from the outback covered extensively in the magazine an on the podcast

Truck and Driver’s Editor at Large Dougie Rankine is joined each week by one of the drivers from Team T&D who write regular updates about their lives on the road in the mag, Special guests also appear, two of the most popular episodes last year were 141 and 146 featuring truck journo legend George Bennett telling the story of his career and his new book detailng trucking adventures in the middle east. Isle of Man TT legend John McGuinness also appeared on episode 143.

This year we’ve had Team T&D newbie Joe Ashton on a couple of times to give us an insight into the tanker work he does for G&J Shuttleworth  – who Dougie is going to be doing some training with before having a go at the tanker job too.

Paul O’Callaghan returned to tell us about one of his recent adventures abroaf, this time the truck scene in New Zealand. He’s off to Australia again soon to go back to work on the Road Trains so we will be catching up with him again prior to him leaving and get the details on his trip to Chile.

Mat Ireland has been busy seeking out British trucks still hard at work for a forthcoming themed issue of T&D, and he’s next up on the podcast on Tuesday 26 March.

Young Niall Barker checks in for two episodes live from his Volvo FH which travels the length and breadth of the country, One of this episodes has Dougie broadcasting from a Volvo FH as well!

We’re looking to cover some more news topics on the pod, and we were delighted to be able to get Ed Rogers of EM Rogers on the podcast so he could tell us about the situation where the company has been fined heavily for stowaways sneaking into trucks in France bound for the UK. Don’t beleive the stuff the papers have written, listen to this to get the real story.

Coming up in April we have an epsisode with special guest Mandy Wannerton who is best known for her work with DAF trucks as Press and Demonstration Driver. She’s spent her life in the haulage industry and she tells us how she grew up around trucks.

Dougie’s Foden Alpha XL 450 CAT, for no particular reason just found it in the website pic archive

We are delighted to have back on the podcast next week, Team T&D’s Chris Maddison! The pod’s original co-host and holding the honour of most appearances (apart from Dougie) there’s been big changes this year for Chris and he tells us all about what’s been happening. The lowdown on why he sold his Scania S500 and called time on a 20 year career as an owner-driver with 17 of that spent driving one of the UK’s best known and best condition Foden Alphas.

Chris Maddison’s much-loved and greatly missed Foden Alpha XL 420 Cummins named Gertie. Look out for the 90 minute podcast with Chris next week as he looks back over 20 years as an owner-driver, most of it with Gertie

Look out for the T&D podcast wherever you listen to them: Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Podbean or even direct from our host site: 


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