GrayStar builds something different and gives Biglorryblog the details

GrayStar  is well known down under, for building refridgerated trailers, but when a existing customer wanted a body for his DAF CF 4 axle rigid  GrayStar trailers were only too happy to obligeBut building trailers for mighty Aussie  artics is what GrayStar spend most of their time doing, and lucky for Biglorryblog David is often on hand to snap the trucks collecting their shiny new trailersAnd of course being in the land of the roadtrain, it is often more than one trailerWhile US derived trucks abound, European trucks are making headway in the Aussie marketBut it is the big US Iron that catches the eyeand of course no post would be complete without a bonneted, chromed and massively bumpered  bemoth

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