HGV drivers in Bedfordshire urged to be vigilant after spate of fuel thefts

Drivers are being warned to be on their guard after a spate of fuel thefts from trucks parked up in laybys in mid-Bedfordshire.

Bedfordshire Police have made the warning after a number of recent incidents along the A507, A421 and other main roads in mid-Bedfordshire of major fuel thefts while drivers are asleep.

Offenders are cutting fuel lines or breaking into diesel caps and syphoning more than 500 litres of diesel at a time, causing significant cost and disruption for hauliers.

Bedfordshire Police said they will be stepping up late night patrols of lay-bys in response, and are also issuing advice on the precautions drivers can take to stay safe.

Acting Sergeant Rachael Welch said: “It’s important lorry drivers are aware of the best ways they can stay safe and prevent thieves stealing from them.

“If you’re a HGV driver I would encourage you to park somewhere which is well-lit, near other vehicles and preferably with CCTV.

“You could also park in a way that restricts access to the fuel tank, such as close to walls or trees, or with the tank facing the road, which acts as a further deterrent.

“Drivers would also have better protection if they looked for a ‘Park Mark’ area.”

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