Biglorryblog: The CDVS show part 2- the modern trucks

As promised here is part two of Pauls photo’s from the Carlisle and District  Vintage Society truck show. This time the more up to date trucks

B20EBK - Man Truck

Stylish MAN

Currie & Lethardy Scanias

David Philip Commercials - Scania

M&A Bulman Scania

Jardine Logistics - Scania

Philip Judge - Scania

Plastic Omnium Urban Systems Scania

Plenty of Scanias to drool over

Dennis Bin Lorry - Allerdale Council

Even the most of mundane of trucks can be made into something special with a little elbow grease and a lot of commitment

FR Wilson - MACK

Some Yank muscle on show

Keith Murray - DAF

The sun glinting off this XF shows it in the best possible light

Old & New - Carruthers Bros

Little and large/old and new tells the story of the show wonderfully, and love the Atkinson badge on the Stralis, shows what might have been

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