The Extra Foot…a neat way to check your brake lights when there’s no-one around in the yard reckons Biglorryblog!


Now here’s a clever little device…can you guess what it’s for? And no it’s NOT some kind of poor man’s cruise control! Nor is it a new kind of crook-lock…In fact it has a safety theme to it and if you click through here you can read exactly what it does (and how you can get your hands on one)….


It’s called ‘The Extra Foot’ and as you can see from the very top picture it’s a way of checking your brake lights are working when you’re on your own in the yard—and with an artic it’s not always easy to find a convenient wall to back-up against! And the longer the truck the harder to see the reflected light too…you can also use it to help locate any air-leaks.  better than a large rock or dodgy piece of dowel…

As you can see it’s pretty easy to use, the cureved bit at the top holds onto the steering wheel the bottom foot goes on the brake pedal pad and Bob’s your Father’s brother! (As they say down our way..)

It stows away quite easily and there are versions for vans as well as trucks. Prices for ‘The Extra Foot’ start at £9.99 and there are special offers on them right now too. To find out more got to the TBF Thompsons website  and scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find the click-through link to the brochure…