David G Davies Volvo FH 25th anniversary edition snapped by Tales of the North Trucks

Truck & Driver’s mate Rob Scorah can often be found taking photographs of trucks out in their natural habitat – the road. This happens to include some spectacular locations in the north of England, and he’s well worth a follow on Twitter and Instagram (details below). Rob sent us over this snapshot of David G Davies’s special edition Volvo FH 540 25, which is one of only two red ones in the UK (we stand to be corrected on that). Of course in terms of the Davies fleet, which is white, it really stands out too. Rob tell us. “Driver Jason was waiting for his specialist wagon care supplier Auto Smart to turn up. He looks after the Volvo rather well, I think. He was kind enough to turn the unit slightly and I snapped a shot. Looking back, I so wish I’d had lights with me for that front!”

Here’s driver Jason, who clearly puts a lot of effort into keeping the FH immaculate. Respect to you sir, top job!


Check more of Rob’s work out at:

Twitter: @robscorah

Twitter: @northtrucktales


Instagram: @robscorah

Instagram: @talesofthenorthtrucks

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