Our March ’22 edition of Truck & Driver is packed with seriously specialist equipment!

Cranes, drawbars, classical music orchestras, skips, ultra-rare retro trucks… there’s a real variety in this one!

As we gradually pull clear of winter into the longer days of spring, we’ve got one of the most exciting show trucks of 2021 on the cover with Craig of Denny’s fabulous T-cab as our Editor’s Choice.


There’s a number of specialist trucks in this issue as we take a look at a variety of different transport sectors, starting with Altida, who have progressed from mobile cranes onto a smart fleet of Scania crane trucks.


Way out west in Scotland is Corrigan Contractors, who have just put a highly practical new Volvo FH 540 drawbar-crane outfit on the road that’s capable of doing the jobs of several different trucks!


The London Philharmonic Orchestra’s new Volvo FH is tasked with transporting instruments that are hundreds of years old! The climate controlled body has been built to order – we met up with the team who had some great stories to tell


At the lighter end of the scale we take a look at the skip trucks from Buchanan Skip Hire. Ranging from 3.5 to 32 tonnes these trucks can and do go pretty much anywhere!


Another specialist transport operation is gritting. We head to the chilly peaks of Yorkshire to meet a fleet dedicated to keeping the roads clear in winter time, including a brand new Merc Arocs


Over in Ireland we turn the spotlight on the MJ McGuinness fleet – a stunning selection of shiny red Scania V8s


Here’s one for all you veterans! A proper piece of British transport nostalgia, a lovingly restored Atkinson Borderer and matching trailer


Terberg are mainly known for their shunting tugs, but did you know they also built a small number of lorries for road use? Here’s the story of one such very clever outfit run by HC Wilson


We also have the lowdown on Scania’s groundbreaking new Super 13-litre range and all the driveline updates coming our way in 2022, Law and You looks at overseas debtors, Archive goes to Dec 1987, Bob Beech is our Sharp End columnist this month and we have a new contributor to Team T&D!