Looking back: Foden Alpha PR photos. Where are they now? Look out for these trucks and more in the March T&D

Foden did some lovely press photography of the Alpha range, and we were sent a fine selection of images by freelancer writer and contributor John Henderson because he thought that was just the sort of thing we like. Which of course it is! Here’s a couple to whet your appetite. We couldn’t identify all the trucks we have pictures of due to “ALPHA” registration plates, but we were able to check a few out and make some enquries, Pleasingly, some of them are still working too.

Double drive units were popular for land-fill work
The 6×2 midlift never acheived the fleet sales Foden would have hoped for. No tag option was available
The 8×4 was arguably the best truck in its sector at the time, and used by many tipper operators

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