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Picture Post: TW Bowler Foden at Birch Services by Chris Newton

Picture Post: TW Bowler Heavy Haulage 53-plate Foden, snapped at Birch Services Eastbound by Chris Newton. If you have a picture you’d like to send in to Picture Post, please email it, along with any information you have on it (e.g. model, type of trailer, anything unusual, where it was taken) to and it will be considered for the …

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Convoy in the Park Picture Post: Maddison’s Foden Alpha 2

Convoy in the Park Picture Post: Maddison’s Foden Alpha 2. Photo by Dominic Pearson. This Foden is 14 years old and Cummins powered. Owner Chris Maddison notes that it has 1.2 million miles on the clock but still runs 5 days a week. Its engine and running gear have never been touched, while the lights and stacks have been added …

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