Campaign launched to boost kindness to lorry drivers

UK' Kindest Town

A new campaign called ‘The UK’s Kindest Town’ has been launched today to try and create a more positive experience for HGV drivers on the roads and at delivery centres.

It’s aim is to promote “acts of kindness, community spirit and mental health awareness” across the road haulage industry in the UK, said campaign organisers Mandata and the Road Haulage Association.

The campaign strives to cultivate a more compassionate attitude towards HGV drivers by encouraging individuals, businesses, and organisations in local towns to put their kindness on display, in a bid to be awarded the title of ‘The UK’s Kindest Town’.

It will seek to show how lorry drivers often spend long hours on the road away from their families and loved ones, and it will showcase “how acts of kindness can make a significant difference to their mental and emotional well-being”, organisers said.

The campaign invites road hauliers to vote for their favourite towns where they have come across exceptional displays of kindness towards them.

By completing a brief questionnaire covering various criteria of their experiences within these towns, such as access to amenities, parking, and the kindness of the local people during one-to-one interactions or on the town’s surrounding roads, they will have a chance to win a £2500 holiday voucher or a weekly (individual) £100 Amazon voucher.

In addition, HGV drivers can compete for a £500 Amazon voucher by crafting a creative social media post highlighting their chosen town.

The Kindest Town campaign aims to not only highlight the tremendous impact that acts of kindness can have on HGV drivers, but also to raise awareness of why it is important to demonstrate kindness and support towards them, Mandata said.

Drivers play a critical role in delivering nearly every consumable item required to keep the economy going, and yet few realise just how mentally challenging the job can be.

“The search for the UK’s Kindest Town, as voted for by road hauliers, is all about reminding the public that sometimes the smallest acts of kindness towards HGV drivers can have a tremendous impact on not only their mental health, but on everyone who witnesses acts of kindness on the roads and at delivery sites,” said Sandra Pretorius, chief marketing officer, Mandata.

“Kindness begets kindness, but every chain reaction requires a spark. It is our hope that this campaign will be the inspiration that reignites random acts of kindness in towns all across the country.”

RHA MD, Richard Smith, added: “This campaign represents a significant step forward in promoting acts of kindness, community spirit and mental health awareness across the road haulage industry in the UK. By shining a light on the importance of demonstrating support towards HGV drivers, we hope to create a more compassionate attitude towards them and make a real difference in their lives.”

The winning town will be announced on 25th of July across social media channels and will receive a prize package worth £10,000. 

Voting is open to all road haulage business owners, traffic planners and HGV drivers and entries can be submitted via until midnight on the 14th of July. You can also get involved with the conversation online by using the hashtag #KindGiants