Sports supplier fields new Merc Actros L flagship

Mark Harrod Actros L

Stratford-based sports equipment supplier Mark Harrod Ltd has added a new silver Mercedes-Benz Actros L 18-tonne curtainsider to its fleet.

The 1833 model is equipped with BigSpace cab and is powered by a 10.7-litre engine rated at 326 bhp. Its body was fabricated by Commercial Body Specialists of Stoke-on-Trent.

It joins a small fleet that also includes another Actros 18-tonne curtainsider, a pair of Merc Sprinter chassis cabs with platform bodies, and three Sprinter vans.

“The new truck has taken its place at the head of our transport operation,” said general manager, Mary Brandrick. “It’s a moving advert for our business as well as a very serious workhorse, and it certainly looks the part.”

Mark Harrod Ltd manufactures a wide range of sports stadium equipment such as goal posts, team shelters and more, for sports including football, rugby, hockey and basketball. These are delivered to customers ranging from schools and grass-roots organisations, to some of the biggest names in football’s Premier League.

“Our deliveries are what I would call ‘ugly freight’,” said Mary. “They are irregular shapes and sizes, and need to be handled by people who know what they’re doing. This means using third-party hauliers isn’t really an option, so we prefer to run our own trucks.

“The new Actros is already our vehicle of choice for the biggest deliveries and longest runs. Distances vary, but the truck can often be out for three days at a time, making a number of drops.

“We think it’s only fair to give our driver a comfortable living and working space, which is why we specified the BigSpace cab.”

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