Bigllorryblog notices that Mcgee’s is pretty in pink

A McGee lorry is sporting a new look for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which began on 1 October. The 32 tonne tipper truck, which features the wear it pink and Breast Cancer Now livery across its entire body, has taken to the roads of London to promote wear it pink day on 23 October. It’s all part of McGee’s continued support for the annual campaign. Steve Rowlands, is the lorry’s dedicated driver and he was particularly keen to volunteer to drive the wear it pink lorry as the cause means something close to his heart. Steve said: “I wanted to drive the lorry to help raise awareness of the cause that sees millions of pounds raised every year to help find a cure for breast cancer. It means a lot to me to have the opportunity to do this – and all whilst going about my work as a tipper driver. I’m sure the lorry will get lots of attention, wherever I am, and it’s great publicity for our charity of the year.”

Joining hundreds of thousands of people across the country, McGee is also gearing up to make this year’s wear it pink event even bigger and brighter than the last. Involving c.800 staff and sub-contractors, a cascade of pink is set to be extended across construction sites in London – from Leicester Square, Southbank Place and TV Centre to Grosvenor Square and Lime Street (and many more!) – workers will be seen swapping their usual yellow high visibility vest for a wear it pink branded hi-viz for a one off donation. Scott Exell, Project Manager at Southbank Place, said: “Despite the macho nature of our industry, we can’t wait to get involved. We’ll be wearing our pink hi-viz with pride and raising as much money as we can on site. Tea break on the 23rd will be very enjoyable, thanks to the site office cake sale we have planned!”

Ellie Adam, Chief Fun-gineer for wear it pink, said: “We are thrilled to have McGee supporting wear it pink again for Breast Cancer Now, and are incredibly excited to see the wear it pink lorry driving around town. It’s great to see the construction industry supporting such an important cause, as it touches the lives of so many people we love. We can’t wait to see all the men and women on site in their wear it pink branded pink hi-viz vests on wear it pink day!”