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From the latest truck launches from the likes of Scania, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and DAF, to heart-warming stories  that show why driving a truck for a living is the best job in the world, has it all. We also bring you the latest changes to the rules and regulations that affect you on (and off) the road – and, of course, all the latest developments from the best truck festival in Britain – Convoy in the Park.

10 bridges you should drive across before you die

  Image: Shutterstock   There is something about a good bridge that stirs the emotions, whether these be wonder, excitement or even fear. But obviously some are more exciting than others. And with that in mind, here’s a list of the Top 10 bridges that everyone needs to cross before they die.I stress that these are just my own personal …

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How many Scania Centurions did they make, and how many have survived?

  Am I right in saying that Scania only made 100 of their limited edition Centurion tractors? If so, does anybody know how many are still in existence today? Click below to continue reading   I was under the impression that they were all top-trim, top-spec high horsepower tractors with full aerodynamic body kits – like this stunning 143M pictured at …

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Wind turbines…have you ever wondered how they assemble one asks Biglorryblog? Start with a Grove telescopic tower crane….

Biglorryblog has Rod Simmonds to thank for this selection of pictures which shows you (if you’ve ever wondered) how they put up a wind turbine… It all starts with the latest Grove GTK1100 telescopic tower crane, unveiled at the Bauma construction show in Munich, which has completed its inaugural lifting job at a site in Germany, following an extensive test …

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Eddie Stobart truck names…more terrific truck titles on Biglorryblog

Continuing the intermittent series of the best (or otherwise) of Eddie Stobart truck names, Road Rat has been busy clicking away on behalf of Biglorryblog to bring you the very latest batch of cab names for your delectation…and no prizes for guessing which tractor manufacturer has had their pleasure of Eddie’s business lately.Starting with Verity Ness, sister of Loch Ness …

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Old Italian Fiat trucks. Biglorryblog gets an offer he can’t refuse…from Sicily

Following Biglorryblog’s recent postings on old Fiat trucks, Globe-trotting wagon driver Nick Garlick has sent me these snaps from his recent trip to Sicily. Nick tells me: “I came across these three excellent ‘proper Misters motors’ sheltering from the midday sun in Palermo port. Enjoy!” For more ancient Italians click through here… This slightly ‘younger’ 8×2 (the Italians were big …

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